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Welcome Geezas

Click on the links above to download PDF versions of selected course readings. Readings for essays are generally not OCR converted. A few notes on the documents that have been converted using OCR software:

(1) Typos: The OCR conversion software (OmniPage) does a reasonable job of converting and compacting the resultant file. Omnipage occasionally produces spurious results due to the resolution and the quality of the original document. Superscript text (such as footnote indicators) often take a hit. There are instances where it can't distinguish between 0 and O. In one amusing case, pom-pom was converted to porn-porn!

(2) Footnotes: Omnipage doesn't cope well with superscript text used to denote footnotes. Correcting them and formatting is a mandraulic effort so, instead, they have either been omitted, replaced with an asterisk or in some cases left in normal size font with square brackets.

(3) Pictures: To reduce the file size,unless vital to the meaning of the document, images and tables have been omitted.

(4) Pagination: Where possible, pagination is kept as close as possible to the parent document in case you wish to reference the material later.